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"Tennis will continue, with more and more tall and strong players, as it has been for ten years now. When I started I was a kind of white fly, now I pass almost unnoticed" - Stefan Edberg on the future of tennis. Read the interview


«A source of inspiration»

from L'Équipe 
by Arthur Pralon
contributed and translated into English by Ludmilla Geeraert

Q: How was the idea of an association with Stefan Edberg born?

A: After my split with Paul Annacone (in October), I finished the season with Severin (Lüthi), then he and I discussed. We asked ourselves if we needed someone else in the team. Who? Why? How many weeks a year? I only had a few names in mind , and Stefan was one of them. I really did not think he would be available, because he's been off the circuit for 15 years. But he is one of my childhood hero so I said: Why not try to contact him. He needed a lot of time to make his decision, he really was not sure of himself! (laughs) But he was very flattered and he finally agreed. He came to Dubai and spent a week all three (with Severin), so that he get an idea of my daily life, because all the top players have their own arrangement. I wanted him to meet my family, my team, so that he feels the most comfortable possible. After that, I asked him again whether he wanted to work with me and he agreed.

Q: How will you organize?

Severin keeps travelling with me most of the time, and Stefan has agreed to accompany me at least ten weeks a year, slightly less than what my former coaches used to do. I'm really glad he could find time for it. I am very excited, and he also, even if he had never imagined to coach someone.


Roger Federer looks for new angles with Stefan Edberg

from The Sydney Morning Herald
by Linda Pearce

Roger Federer was asked whether appointing former net-rushing great Stefan Edberg to his coaching team was a signal that he would, and needed to, play more aggressively.

"You mean if I don't serve-and-volley he's going to split up with me?" the Swiss replied.

Cue smiles all round, for it is usually Federer doing the dumping. Most recently - but very amicably - of American Paul Annacone after more than three years that brought a seventh Wimbledon title and one last fling at No. 1. The 17-time grand slam champion is now ranked sixth in the world after his first season since 2002 empty of a grand slam final.

Edberg, a childhood idol of a young Federer, recently spent a trial week with Team Federer in Dubai and has agreed to a part-time consultancy arrangement in 2014, starting at the Australian Open. Swiss Davis Cup captain Severin Luthi will remain the head coach; Edberg, presumably, will come from a different angle.


Federer and the "certified pre-owned"

from Il Corriere della Sera 
by Gaia Piccardi
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

The idol on the bench, the last trend in tennis. Federer chose Edberg to revive

John McEnroe used to collect pieces of contemporary art and anything he wished. Bjorn Borg debts and women. What could have Roger Federer, the billionaire from Basel who had received everything from tennis, ever gifted himself for Christmas? "My childhood idol: Stefan Edberg".

Sometimes they come back. We are in a full revival of the '80s-'90s, the "game of pairs" on the ATP World Tour (Djokovic-Becker, Lendl-Murray, Gasquet-Bruguera, Nishikori-Chang) surprisingly brings back on stage the blond from Västervik, who hated the baseline: he won't change the life of the former number 1 with a wonderful future behind his back, because there is noone who can explain Federer how to do better what he has come to do (how sensational and disruptive would have been the choice of taking to his bench a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize, a fantastic nerd from the Silicon Valley or, unbelievable, a woman), always assuming that the master of serve and volley knows how to teach serve and volley.


And now, Federer-Edberg!

from L'Équipe
by Franck Ramella
contributed and translated into English by Ludmilla Geeraert

Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer during their training session together at the 2010 Stockholm Open

Nostalgic of the 80's like Novak Djokovic, freshly associated to Boris Becker, the Swiss has asked the elegant Swede to join his coaching team. An upscale partnership on the paper.

Roger Federer has won the Stefan Edberg Sportmanship award so many times that he couldn't accept that as it stood.

Finally, in this completely staggering revival ambience - last week, Novak Djokovic has joined forces with Boris Becker - what could be more logical than to see the student join the master of aesthetics?

Because in fact, who is the master and who is the student? As great as he is, Federer seemed to shake in the tennis world in front of one man only: Stefan Edberg.

You should have seen the Swiss beg a small training session to the Swede at the Stockholm tournament in 2010 to understand how high he regards him.


Another shocking pair for 2014. Federer hires Edberg

from La Gazzetta dello Sport
by Vincenzo Martucci
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

«I am happy to announce that beginning in Melbourne, Stefan Edberg will join Severin Lüthi on my coaching team, he has agreed to work with us for at least 10 weeks. I am really looking forward to learning from him».

In the wake of the Novak Djokovic-Boris Becker agreement and after the exciting tweet by the Swiss from Dubai («Edberg has just completed a week of training with me and my team. It's been great to spend some time with one of my childhood idols»), Roger Federer announces on his website his sensational choice of head-coach, 47-year-old Swede Stefan Edberg, 6 time Grand Slam champion with his serv&volley style and former world number one.

Confirming as court coach Severin Luthi, friend and Swiss Davis Cup team captain, as he had done in October, after three years of cooperation with Paul Annacone (former Pete Sampras' menthor). Luthi who has followed "Federer Express" for the last seven years and will be with him from next Sunday at the start of 2014 in Brisbane.

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