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"I've never really thought about coaching and if it had not been Federer doing the asking, honestly, I would not have been interested" - Stefan Edberg about Roger Federer's proposal to be part of his team. Read the interview


Edberg: "Being Federer's idol speaks for his taste"

from Bluewin.ch
video interview by Olivier Borer for Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg gave one of his rare interviews in "Sport lounge" - alternating a little joke to a serious analysis.

Stefan Edberg during the SRF "Sport Lounge" interview

Stefan Edberg is a quiet, reserved person. That's why it was even more surprising that he just flashed his irony on television, on SRF, in one of his very rare interviews.

He spoke for almost ten minutes in the show "Sport Lounge" about his cooperation with Roger Federer.

The Swede laughs briefly, when interviewer Olivier Borer reminds him once more that Federer has always called him one of his greatest idols. "That's pretty amazing when you think that I once had Björn Borg as idol," he says. "And now I'm Federer's idol. That speaks for his taste."

Both laugh because the last remark was obviously not meant very seriously.


Edberg bets: Federer can do it!

from TennisBest
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

On the eve of Wimbledon, we had the opportunity to hear the opinion of two-time champion Stefan Edberg, in collaboration with Sky Sports. According to the former number 1, it could be a good year for Roger Federer's eighth title.

Stefan Edberg with Roger Federer during one of their hitting sessions at Wimbledon

Wimbledon is coming up. Rafael Nadal is no longer frightening, Novak Djokovic was downsized by Stan Wawrinka at Roland Garros, Andy Murray is playing well but is an eternal unknown.

Can it be the year of an eighth title for Roger Federer? We addressed the question to his coach Stefan Edberg, another man who was pretty familiar with the Church Road grass courts. We had the opportunity to hear him, in collaboration with Sky Sports, during the launch of the new Sony Smart Sensor.

Federer is back to better shape thanks to the change of racket. Do you think he should have done it before? Would he have won more?

It is not an easy question, and especially it changes from player to player. The top players do not like changes, it's hard to believe that with a different tool you can achieve better results. And then there are so many aspects that have an impact, among which the presence of the right people in the entourage.

In fact, since he started training with you, Roger is more aggressive. Is it only something related to age or is there really your influence?

You have to remember that in 2013 Roger has had some serious back issues, which have forced him to change his tennis. He thought of how he could do to put less effort on his back, and the solution has been to change his game. It's the right way, Roger is more creative and unpredictable. In tennis you can always improve, you can always introduce something different in your game, although we are talking of Roger Federer.


Team Fedberg already at work at Wimbledon

Like last year, Roger Federer and his coach Stefan Edberg arrived in London very early to start the preparation for the Championships, where the Swiss defends the 2014 final and is chasing his record 8th crown.

Already today, they were spotted hitting on a side court at Wimbledon along with fellow former champion Lleyton Hewitt.

Here are some pictures and a short video from the official Wimbledon Youtube account, featuring a special guest... Lleyton Hewitt's son.


Edberg: "Federer not helped by Lenglen Court"

After Roger Federer's defeat against his countryman Stan Wawrinka in the French Open quarter final, coach Stefan Edberg analyzed the match for CNN.com.

Stefan noticed a difference of conditions between the two main courts at the Roland Garros that, in his opinion, didn't help the Swiss in the end.


Federer has the best volley today. But Edberg...

by Mauro Cappiello

Yesterday's issue of L'Équipe dedicated a focus to the disappearing of serve and volley in today's game.

"Volleyeur solitaire" (Lonely volley player) was the headline of page 14, with a huge picture of Roger Federer, the only man on the Tour still leaving a space for volley in his game, especially since the start of his partnership with Stefan Edberg.

"His ball touch and control are extraordinary. He can win the point from impossible positions. His backhand volley is super clean. Like all his shots, that deserve a 9.5/10," said former world number 4 from France Guy Forget to reporter Vincent Cognet.

Nothing comparable to Edberg's, though, in Forget's opinion. "Sometimes he is too frontal when he plays his forehand volley, opening his shoulder line. For me, Stefan has the most beautiful volley in the history of the game. On the forehand volley, Roger should imitate his coach a little more!"

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