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"Nobody does it these days, so there is hardly any variation in the style of play. I would love to see players serve & volley more. It's a very sad aspect of the game that the art has vanished" - Stefan Edberg on the disappearing of attacking play style. Read the article


Federer: farewell tour an ordeal for Stefan Edberg

A long 360-degree interview with Roger Federer by Laura Schreffler was the cover story of "Haute Living" lifestyle magazine's May/June issue.

The Swiss also mentions Stefan Edberg in two moments of the conversation. Firstly, when he talks about his first Wimbledon trophy in 2003, he says the Swede was an inspiration to reaching what he still considers the main landmark in his career.


Roger Federer: "I still have that fire"

from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
by Thomas Klemm
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Almost 34-year-old tennis star Roger Federer thinks he is far from quitting. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Swiss talks about the secret of his self­ confidence, the advice to his four children and the gulls of Monaco.

Mr Federer, your two younger twins are now one year old. Is travelling for tournaments more exhausting for the parents or for the four children?

For the parents. Through the many bags you are not as flexible, but like a storm on the go. Although it is funny that we are many people and you can hide in the group. But we always prepare for the worst case. Just like for a tennis match we pack up ten t­-shirts, three pairs of shorts, three pairs of shoes and extra shoelaces. You have to make sure you have got enough clothes on the court, if it starts to rain four times, and so you do not have to wear sweaty pants again at the end. That's all already happened.

But the stress doesn't seem to affect you...

I think it's an absolute privilege for Mirka and me to experience something like that as parents. We even know it so well enough. The first time I was travelling to tournaments I was 13 years old. Twenty years later, I am still in the process, so I can have a bit of what is called travel experience.

To show a child how to behave on the road, how different cultures and cities are, where you have to mind the cars especially, this is an incredible school of life. It's surprising to me saying that I have such a big family and still play.


Federer: "I will analyse with Edberg"

from TennisActu.net
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Defeated by Gael Monfils in the third round of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo, Federer was upset again in a claycourt tournament.

The Swiss who has never won in the Principality answered our questions after this new setback. Calm and serene, the world No. 2 will quickly start to work again.

This is the fourth time that you are beaten by Gael Monfils. Is he a player who gives you problems?

The matches have always been difficult facing Monfils. In the past I've always had great problems with him. He is a player who has an incredible potential. No matter where he plays and who he faces, he will always have a card to play.


Stefan Edberg back to Monte Carlo

A couple of pictures from a training session are the first evidence of Stefan Edberg's presence at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, where he joined Roger Federer for the first time since this year's Australian Open.

Stefan appeared yesterday on the Centre Court, where he played the tournament for the last time in 1996 losing in three sets to Richard Krajicek in the second round. He hit with the Swiss, met Novak Djokovic (his coach Boris Becker has also been spotted there) and took selfies with some lucky fans.

This year, Edberg has changed his always secret schedule of coaching appearances, replacing North America with Europe. Being in the French Riviera, traditionally one of his favorite places for vacations and where he used to own a villa back in his days on the Tour, he will maybe also have the time to greet old friends like his former sparring partner Arnaud Deleval.


Edberg and Federer pictured in Zurich

by Mauro Cappiello

Two pictures taken by a fan with Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer, and shared on the Twitter account @camerlengo73 yesterday, seem to prove that the duo are currently together in Zurich, preparing the claycourt swing.

As we are well beyond the start of April, this also means that the partnership has gone past the ten week mark set by Roger Federer at the beginning of the year in Australia and will probably reach the end of 2015, on the lines of what happened last year.

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