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"When I got my Wimbledon win I had to open the dance at the gala night. I'd rather serve three double faults in a row than do such a thing again." - Stefan Edberg about what he hates the most doing. Read the article


Would you have liked Stefan dressed like this?

The Adidas Y3 collection, that the German sportswear house issued for the 2016 edition of the Roland Garros, generated some social irony for the unusual striped tissue that was used indistinctly for men and women playing at the French Open.

If some users appreciated the originality of the pattern, many others highlighted how eye-bothering the black and white crossing bands can be when watched on tv and, more generally, criticized the brand for an idea of sports fashion that is more and more distant from the iconic outfits of the past.

Right looking at the past, we had some fun trying to imagine what Stefan Edberg would have looked like in the outfit worn by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tomas Berdych and Dominic Thiem, among others, on the clay of the Philippe Chatrier Centre Court.

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