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"I played some great tennis in Australia, I played some great tennis this week. If I can continue to work hard and not get another injury in the near future, I've got a good shot at doing really well this year" - Stefan Edberg about his prospects for 1990 after winning in Indian Wells. Read the article


Federer: no specific work on defense after Edberg

During Roger Federer's second round match with Dolgopolov at the Australian Open, the press noticed a particularly good performance by the Swiss on the defensive side and tried to solicit him on this point in the media room.

The 17-time Major winner said he has worked on defense as well in the offseason, but denied he has done a specific preparation on this aspect of his game, confirming (like he had already done before the Australian Open) that his training routine has not changed since Stefan Edberg's departure from his team.

«I like to work on my strength most of the time, the offensive part of my game, serve and volley, taking the forehand early, you know, using my backhand as a variation,» replied the Swiss.

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