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"I felt like I was twenty years old again. Certainly I would have preferred to have won in '89, but I went back to that time and it was fantastic. I played like then. Only this way I could beat someone like Chang on clay..." - Stefan Edberg on his revenge against Michael Chang at the 1996 French Open. Read the article


«Stefan Edberg will still give me feedback»

from BBC Sports

In a conversation with BBC Sports, Roger Federer specified how his relationship with former coach Stefan Edberg will evolve in the future. «The working relationship I had with Stefan was incredible, I loved every moment of it, - said the Swiss - but the feeling I get is he is still in the team: he still wants me to do well, he will still come and visit me on the Tour, he'll still follow my matches and he'll still give me feedback if I want, which I think is wonderful.»

Roger confirmed that the agreement with the Edberg ended for the Swede's family reasons, making clear that also his previous coaches like Annacone and Roche had a family and «it's important for them to understand that aspect as well.»

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