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"People talk much more about Lend and Becker, but I can sneak up from behind and that's a position I like. I would like to reach that No. 1 spot at least once in my career. Just to see how it feels" - Stefan Edberg on his targets. Read the interview
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2014 - Toronto
(19 Pictures) 
Exclusive gallery on Stefan Edberg's Rogers Cup Hall of Fame induction contributed by Francesca Sarzetto.
2014 - Toronto
(25 Pictures) 
Stefan Edberg's induction into the Rogers Cup Tennis Hall of Fame in 25 screenshots.
2014 - Toronto
(41 Pictures) 
Practice sessions and matches.
2014 - Toronto
(20 Pictures) 
Q&A session with Roger Federer and the fans and media conference preceeding the Rogers Cup Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
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2014 - Toronto
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