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"What happened to Monica is really terrible. I am very impressed by the images and, knowing the reason of the attack, I feel even more worried and surprised. A fact like this makes you reflect and you can not help thinking that the same thing can happen to you" - Stefan Edberg on Monica Seles' stabbing. Read the article

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Issue n. 82 (91.19 kB)

Issue n. 82

File Name: issue82.htm
File Size: 91.19 kB
Date: 22. February 2016

Italian version of book on Swedish tennis, Edberg's 50th, special on Federer split and more...

Issue n. 81 (92.73 kB)

Issue n. 81

File Name: issue81.htm
File Size: 92.73 kB
Date: 24. September 2015

US Open special.

Issue n. 80 (91.89 kB)

Issue n. 80

File Name: issue80.htm
File Size: 91.89 kB
Date: 19. July 2015

Wimbledon special.

Issue n. 79 (91.75 kB)

Issue n. 79

File Name: issue79.htm
File Size: 91.75 kB
Date: 04. May 2015

Claycourt season, Monte Carlo with Federer, Stefan at the next Wimbledon and more...

Issue n. 78 (91.23 kB)

Issue n. 78

File Name: issue78.htm
File Size: 91.23 kB
Date: 07. February 2015

Australian Open special

Issue n. 77 (91.75 kB)

Issue n. 77

File Name: issue77.htm
File Size: 91.75 kB
Date: 19. November 2014

ATP World Tour Finals and Awards Special

Issue n. 76 (91.09 kB)

Issue n. 76

File Name: issue76.htm
File Size: 91.09 kB
Date: 30. October 2014

Special on the Fedberg partnership, two books on Edberg, our video of ball kid Federer

Issue n. 75 (92.18 kB)

Issue n. 75

File Name: issue75.htm
File Size: 92.18 kB
Date: 14. September 2014

US Open special

Issue n. 74 (95.51 kB)

Issue n. 74

File Name: issue74.htm
File Size: 95.51 kB
Date: 25. August 2014

Rogers Cup Hall of Fame induction, summer events with Roger Federer

Issue n. 73 (92.64 kB)

Issue n. 73

File Name: issue73.htm
File Size: 92.64 kB
Date: 14. July 2014

Wimbledon special

Issue n. 72 (91.27 kB)

Issue n. 72

File Name: issue72.htm
File Size: 91.27 kB
Date: 20. May 2014

Stefan Edberg in Rome, Växjö tennis university project, videos and clippings from the last two months

Issue n. 71 (91.56 kB)

Issue n. 71

File Name: issue71.htm
File Size: 91.56 kB
Date: 18. March 2014

Kings of Tennis recap, Edberg and Federer in Indian Wells, Fedberg partnership extended.

Issue n. 70 (79.34 kB)

Issue n. 70

File Name: issue70.htm
File Size: 79.34 kB
Date: 02. February 2014

Australian Open special.

Issue n. 69 (79.86 kB)

Issue n. 69

File Name: issue69.htm
File Size: 79.86 kB
Date: 23. December 2013

Edberg-Federer special, dream or reality?

Issue n. 68 (96.22 kB)

Issue n. 68

File Name: issue68.htm
File Size: 96.22 kB
Date: 11. December 2013

Withdrawal from London Masters, Necker Cup and World Tour Finals resume, Bercy 1990 clipping.

Issue n. 67 (99.86 kB)

Issue n. 67

File Name: issue67.htm
File Size: 99.86 kB
Date: 19. September 2013

Next exhibitions, US Open special, ATP Heritage night.

Issue n. 66 (97.57 kB)

Issue n. 66

File Name: issue66.htm
File Size: 97.57 kB
Date: 16. July 2013

Stefan Edberg and Annette Olsen in the Royal Box, Edberg about Andy Murray, Legends Doubles, exclusive video from the Hall of Fame induction.

Issue n. 65 (98.60 kB)

Issue n. 65

File Name: issue65.htm
File Size: 98.60 kB
Date: 31. May 2013

Interview with Stefan Edberg from tennismagazin / Becker, Edberg and Sampras talk about their French Open failure.

Issue n. 64 (101.00 kB)

Issue n. 64

File Name: issue64.htm
File Size: 101.00 kB
Date: 26. April 2013

Stefan Edberg beats Goran Ivanisevic in Stuttgart, Edberg supports 2020 Olympic squash bid, Stefan & Annette, 21 years together!, Champion of style, the analysis of Stefan Edberg's game style, Stefan's hot shots in our new gallery section, audio gallery

Issue n. 63 (100.75 kB)

Issue n. 63

File Name: issue63.htm
File Size: 100.75 kB
Date: 26. March 2013
Stefan Edberg wins Kings of Tennis
Issue n. 62 (103.87 kB)

Issue n. 62

File Name: issue62.htm
File Size: 103.87 kB
Date: 03. February 2013

Edberg, the Australian legend, Djokovic thrilled to have tied Edberg and Becker, "Lendl had Wimbledon, I had Paris", Heads up!, The quite and the wild, The child of fortune

Issue n. 61 (102.52 kB)

Issue n. 61

File Name: issue61.htm
File Size: 102.52 kB
Date: 09. December 2012

Au revoir et merci!, Celebrities queued in Södra Climate Arena, Edberg will play Kings of Tennis 2013, Edberg triumphs at Grand Cayman, 2010 Grand Cayman final Edberg vs Safin, 2009 interview with Stefan Edberg on L'Equipe.fr, New A4 posters to print and frame

Issue n. 60 (104.49 kB)

Issue n. 60

File Name: issue60.htm
File Size: 104.49 kB
Date: 23. October 2012

Vote the Sportsman of the year!, Enqvist (38) Sweden's top player, Waiting for the "Kins of Tennis" 2013, Södra Climate Arena: all the details, One man show, The coolest champion

Issue n. 59 (103.68 kB)

Issue n. 59

File Name: issue59.htm
File Size: 103.68 kB
Date: 19. July 2012

Edberg interviewed in Wimbledon, Stefan and Tony in the Royal Box, 8 years ago Stefan in the Hall of Fame, Past champions celebrate Federer's record, Wimbledon special, Edberg from dream to reality, Poll: Edberg in 2012

Issue n. 58 (46.16 kB)

Issue n. 58

File Name: issue58.htm
File Size: 46.16 kB
Date: 18. June 2012

Our meeting with Stefan Edberg!

Issue n. 57 (103.62 kB)

Issue n. 57

File Name: issue57.htm
File Size: 103.62 kB
Date: 21. May 2012

30 years ago Stefan's "Avvenire", Myskina to replace Petkovic in Halle exhibition, Stefan Edberg about his Växjö tennis arena, exclusive interviewto Filip Bergevi, Stefan's first win in Milan 1984, Rome Internazionali d'Italia special tribute, Stefan Edberg US Open 1992 poster.

Issue n. 56 (82.09 kB)

Issue n. 56

File Name: issue56.htm
File Size: 82.09 kB
Date: 18. April 2012

Special // Stefan's and Annette's 20th anniversary

Issue n. 55 (84.87 kB)

Issue n. 55

File Name: issue55.htm
File Size: 84.87 kB
Date: 12. April 2012

Stefan's first visit to Turkey, BNP Paribas Zurich Open recap, [VIDEO] Stefan Edberg at Wimbledon, [DOWNLOAD] Signore del tennis (interview from 1999)

Issue n. 54 (90.71 kB)

Issue n. 54

File Name: issue54.htm
File Size: 90.71 kB
Date: 20. March 2012

BNP Paribas Zurich Open starts today, a week in Stockholm, new videos, new quiz, new Facebook page

Issue n. 53 (75.93 kB)

Issue n. 53

File Name: issue53.htm
File Size: 75.93 kB
Date: 10. January 2012

The match nobody expected..., videos from Doha, Edberg: «It's hard for Djokovic to repeat 2011», Zurich Open: Edberg and Cash will be there

Issue n. 52 (87.34 kB)

Issue n. 52

File Name: issue52.htm
File Size: 87.34 kB
Date: 11. December 2011

Tennis Classics postponed to 11 March, Edberg to play in Halle next June, Federer gets past Edberg in singles wins, Qureshi was the ideal winner of the Edberg Award, New poll, Wimbledon 1989 Stefan Edberg highlights

Issue n. 51 (74.18 kB)

Issue n. 51

File Name: issue51.htm
File Size: 74.18 kB
Date: 01. November 2011

In the back seat with Stefan Edberg, new poll, Stefan Edberg quiz - and the winner is..., Stefan's kids have a private driver

Issue n. 50 (84.31 kB)

Issue n. 50

File Name: issue50.htm
File Size: 84.31 kB
Date: 18. October 2011

Edberg to play in Saarbrücken, Ivanisevic back to winning ways against Stefan, video from Stockholm, Stefan Edberg: «Nadal's golden age is over», «I really didn't lose much money»

Issue n. 49 (85.35 kB)

Issue n. 49

File Name: issue49.htm
File Size: 85.35 kB
Date: 11. October 2011

Looking forward to Edberg-Ivanisevic, a Dutch week with bitter ending, videos from Apeldoorn, champions tournament in Stockholm becomes a reality, twenty years ago...

Issue n. 48 (76.44 kB)

Issue n. 48

File Name: issue48.htm
File Size: 76.44 kB
Date: 22. August 2011

Survival of the Fittest, a fan memory album, new videos, new wallpapers and puzzle, new poll

Issue n. 47 (78.69 kB)

Issue n. 47

File Name: issue47.htm
File Size: 78.69 kB
Date: 02. August 2011

Edberg-Ivanisevic in Stockholm, Stefan Edberg's last hurrah, new videos, new wallpaper, STE...fans mobile

Issue n. 46 (80.61 kB)

Issue n. 46

File Name: issue46.htm
File Size: 80.61 kB
Date: 21. July 2011

STE...fans celebrates ten years in style, Champions event in Stockholm, new quiz, video and photos.

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