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"My parents, that I consider as my best friends, taught me since I was a kid that happiness is a modest thing that has nothing to do with money and fame" - Stefan Edberg on his values. Read the article

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Las elegantes lecciones del juego de Edberg

File Name: 1996_edberg_lessons.pdf
File Size: 7.02 MB
Date: 01. December 1996

Just after the Swede's retirement at the end of 1996, on Tennis en español Stan Smith analyses the most characteristic shots of Stefan Edberg's arsenal: his forehand volley, his serving action, his backhand, his approach shot and his backhand volley.

Les clés du tennis - Coup droit / montée à contretemps / volée de revers

File Name: 1990_stefan_edberg_f_b_volley.pdf
File Size: 2.31 MB
Date: 01. March 1990

On a 1990 issue of Tennis Magazine, Patrice Hagelauer describes how Stefan approaches the net following his forehand to close the point with the backhand volley.

Tips from the top - Backhand volley

File Name: 1988_backhand_volley.pdf
File Size: 3.93 MB
Date: 01. October 1988

From Serve and Volley of October 1988, an analysis of Stefan Edberg's technique on his masterly backhand volley by LTA coach Charles Applewhaite.

El saque de Stefan Edberg

File Name: 1988_tenis_tie_break_stefan_edberg_serve.pdf
File Size: 1.65 MB
Date: 01. August 1988

In the August 1988 issue of Tenis Tie-break, Argentinian former player Alejandro Cerúndolo analyses Stefan Edberg's serve technique and describes why his kick second serve was voted several times as the best on the tour by Stefan's colleagues.

Edberg: l'as du deuxieme service

File Name: 1988_edberg_second_serve.pdf
File Size: 8.88 MB
Date: 01. January 1988

From Tennis de France, all the secrets of Stefan Edberg's kick second serve, one of the best in tennis history, analysed by Stan Smith.

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