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"People always want autographs, I just wonder what they do with them. When I was 11, Jens and Erwin Velasquez, the world freestyle Frisbee champions, came to Vastervik to play an exhibition, and I waited in line for their autographs. Actually, I've still got them" - Stefan Edberg on tennis fans. Read the article

STE...fans - Stefan Edberg fan page [http://stefanstennis.free.fr]

US Open 2015 - Tennis Podcast on Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer
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Date:09. September 2015

Catherine Whitaker talks about the interview with Stefan Edberg she's had at the 2015 US Open and then comments with David Law on the secrets behind the success of the Swede's partnership with Roger Federer, during a Tennis Podcast from New York.
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