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"I felt like I was twenty years old again. Certainly I would have preferred to have won in '89, but I went back to that time and it was fantastic. I played like then. Only this way I could beat someone like Chang on clay..." - Stefan Edberg on his revenge against Michael Chang at the 1996 French Open. Read the article

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Thomas Meyer's list
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Date:24. May 2011

457 Edberg matches in DVD you can purchase or trade/swap with other videos you own by using our contact form and selecting the "Buy videos" option in the drop-down menu. In the message, indicate the name of the list, the code(s) and the match(es) you're interested in.

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0 #4 Matthew Easton 03.02.2016 @ 19:50
Hi there, how much to purchase DVD number 172 ('91 us open final edberg vs courier)?. I'm in Australia so is the DVD playable on region 4 (Australia, UK) DVD player.
How much?
Kind regards
0 #3 Henrique 31.10.2014 @ 12:06
What is the format available to buy the videos? Can I download a digital file after buying it?
0 #2 Henrique 31.10.2014 @ 12:05
What are the formats to buy the videos? After buying them, can I download the digital file?
0 #1 Ben Akana 05.07.2014 @ 02:44
want to purchase edberg/ becker in 88 and 90 Wimbledon finals. plse advise

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