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"There are little things. Technically Roger is strong. It's more about how he moves on the court, how he hits the ball. And I think it would also be good if he would vary his game a bit more than he does at the moment" - Stefan Edberg about what Roger Federer could improve in his game. Read the interview


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1. The peace of golf
(Old articles/Mix)
from Tennis de FranceĀ  photo report by Tommy Hindley translated into English by Mauro Cappiello Golf scene in Melbourne during the Australian Open near Flinders Park. Waiting for their turn on the ...
2. Life on the fairway
(Old articles/Mix)
from Serve & Volley photo report by Tommy Hindley Stefan Edberg and Ivan Lendl off court Golf is clearly one of the main methods of relaxation and professional tennis players often take to the fairways ...