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"Things have really changed in today's tennis. In my years there were more upsets, there were a lot more names... It was not as predictable as tennis is today. You've got the question: «Who's gonna win the next Grand Slam?» and you only have four options" - Stefan Edberg on today's tennis. Read the interview


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281. Courier despite Edberg
(Old articles/Australian Open)
from Tennis Magazine (issue of March 2007) translated into English by Mauro Cappiello Jim Courier and Stefan Edberg shake hands after their 1992 Australian Open final "Reading the press, I had the ...
... of top ten players. The second Davis Cup title against the US, the owners of the tennis world. Swedish Golden Age - Stefan Edberg - The legend of the 1992 US Open and the beginning of the downfall The ...
283. Quiz n.2 - Correct answers
(Uncategorised Content)
... five set matches? 1986  1987  1990  1992 (correct)  1993Whichof the following Swedish players defeated Stefan Edberg at least once in a matchended at the fifth set? (multiple ...
284. Bio & Career
...  1990), Flushing Meadows (1991, 1992) and Melbourne (1985, 1987). The defeat in 1989 French Open final against Michael Chang has prevented Stefan from completing a career ...