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"I have many fond memories of my tennis career. Everything from winning Kalle Anka Cup when I was eleven years old to my first ATP victory and my first Wimbledon win" - Stefan Edberg on his career accomplishments. Read the interview


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... F16 Anna Brazhnikova, M14 Nima Mamdani, F14 Ellen Allgurin; 2008: M16 Daniel Berta, F16 Beatrice Cedermark, M14 Morgan Johansson, F14 Ellen Allgurin; 2009: M16 Morgan Johansson, F16 Ellen Allgurin, ...
... Prpic) is placed at number 303? «It's alarming. There are some things to do. We've probably hit the bottom. There are many talents, like Daniel Bertha and Ellen Allgurin, but then we go down the ages». ...
3. Edberg Foundation funds assigned
(News/General news)
The Edberg Foundation funds for 2007 were assigned last October 12th to these promising Swedish young tennis players: Ellen Allgurin, Värnamo TK F14 Nima Madani, USIF, P14 Anna Brazhnikova, USIF, ...