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"This is our most beautiful little trophy" - Stefan Edberg on his daughter Emilie's birth. Read the article


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... at the start of the week and had two hitting sessions with the former world number one, so, like last February in Dubai, he wasn't on the stands to see his assisted lift his seventh Gerry Weber Open trophy ...
142. YES!
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... the staff at the press office of the Gerry Weber Open. It was only thanks to them that, without any media credential, I managed to access the press conference of the Champions Trophy and, believe it or ...
143. Champions once, champions forever
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... the Gerry Weber Open finalist in 1994, his compatriot Magnus Larsson. Martina Navratilova showed the 25 years younger Myskina why she is the most successful grasscourt player of all time. Precise serve, ...
144. The champions are still on fire
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... the Centre Court, for the Champions Trophy in 2012, the opening of the 20th Gerry Weber Open in Halle. Some 10,000 spectators were amazed about the still present form of Martina Navratilova and her partner, ...
145. The show of the legends
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... (1991, 1992) would follow. Only a success at the Gerry Weber Open Stefan was never allowed. In 1996 an injury prevented him from a debut in Halle. He'll catch up at this year's "Champions Trophy" at Anastasia ...
146. Martina Navratilova/Michael Stich vs Anastasia Myskina/Stefan Edberg
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
from Gerry Weber Open Magazine translated into English by Mauro Cappiello Pure Tennis nostalgia. For years they have inspired the masses and on June 10th four former world class players will meet at ...
147. Halle 2012 - Where my dream came true
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... Stefan Edberg Some highlights and funny moments at the 2012 Champions Trophy in Halle, a mixed doubles exhibition among tennis legends introducing the Gerry Weber Open. Stefan Edberg and Anastasia Myskina ...
148. In Halle, waiting for THE DAY
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
by Mauro Cappiello (from Halle Westfalen) Halle is the Gerry Weber Open. Everywhere you can see the logo of the tournament, that turns 20 years old in 2012, and the walk from the quiet and tidy historic ...
149. Myskina replaces Petkovic in Halle Champions Trophy
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... completed the listing of the Champions Trophy at the Gerry Weber Open. She will replace injured Andrea Petkovic and play along aside Stefan Edberg in the mixed doubles against the other two legends Martina ...
150. Navratilova to join Edberg in Halle exhibition
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
from Tennis World Usa.org Martina Navratilova Tennis legends Martina Navratilova and Stefan Edberg will be part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Gerry Weber Open in Halle in June 2012. Navratilova ...
151. Edberg to play in Halle next June
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
Source: Gerry Weber Open.de by La Zingara Stefan Edberg confirmed that he would take part of the “Champions Trophy” at the Gerry Weber Open on June, 10th 2012. This will be his very first participation ...
152. Grand Slam Champions Trophy 2004
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... the run-up to the 12th Gerry Weber Open (5.-13.of June) in Eastern Westfalen. "In the past the show meetings with Becker, Stich and Dreekmann attracted many spectators. That's why we arrange the "fight ...