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"I think they should make slower balls. But one thing is for sure: it is important that the measures to be taken will not penalize serve and volley" - Stefan Edberg on the evolution of tennis. Read the interview


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German fan Grit Steinweller shared this video she personally took in Halle, at the 2012 Champions Trophy, when she had the chance to see Stefan Edberg play live for the very first time in her life, at ...
by Grit Steinweller (from Halle Westfalen) I remember when I was a teenager and Stefan Edberg was playing matches in Australia (Australian Open) I woke up very early in the night to watch his matches live ...
3. Halle 2012 - Where my dream came true
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... Edberg in tv in her teenage days, German fan Grit Steinweller had her first time live in Halle. She shared her feelings with us. In Halle, waiting for THE DAY PHOTO REPORT - Our first day in Germany, ...