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"People always want autographs, I just wonder what they do with them. When I was 11, Jens and Erwin Velasquez, the world freestyle Frisbee champions, came to Vastervik to play an exhibition, and I waited in line for their autographs. Actually, I've still got them" - Stefan Edberg on tennis fans. Read the article


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41. Heads up!
(Old articles/Mix)
... for me to play tennis." Bengt Edberg, who still walks a policeman's beat in Vastervik, Sweden, and his wife, Barbro, got a phenomenal return on their investment. At age 17, Stefan became the first and ...
42. CASE Asset Management
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The official site of the investment company owned by Stefan Edberg ...
43. Bio & Career
... (that he married on April 18, 1992) and his two children Emilie and Christopher. He runs an investment company called Case, owns a forty hectare forest and sells wood to the Swedish paper industry. ...
That little bit of information alone significantly decreased the return on Ron's prospective investment. The benefits stemming from joining a franchise are numerous: affiliation having a larger organization; ...