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"This is our most beautiful little trophy" - Stefan Edberg on his daughter Emilie's birth. Read the article


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21. This crazy tennis
(Old articles/Masters Cup)
...  tennis, returned much better than Saturday. Since also Mats is human, his faultless match would ladder a little in the second set, so allowing Stefan to get back in the match. But a line judge's mistake ...
22. Edberg Overcomes Lendl at Tokyo
(Old articles/Mix)
... three times. Edberg broke again in the first game of the third set when umpire Gerald Armstrong overruled a line judge and called Lendl's shot out on game point. He blasted an ace at 40-15 to close out ...
... worth more than his several tirades against the umpires and the line judges and should have earned him at least a nominee for that year. And for Fish: a player who can improve his ranking that way at the ...