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"It is fantastic and I can't believe it. It still hasn't sunk into my system yet" - Stefan Edberg straight after winning his first Wimbledon title. Read the article


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1. The great final
(Old articles/Mix)
... linesman gave the ball "in", Stich complained, but played on, and Edberg made the point. Chair umpire Rudi Berger of Munich was then no longer willing to check the mark of the ball. Rather than break ...
2. Why Edberg never smiles
(Old articles/Mix)
... anyone. The linesman died because of the hit against the ground, not due to the violence of the ball coming off Stefan's serve. Any speculation on the weight or the speed of the balls, as you can also ...
3. A gift of backhand
(Old articles/Wimbledon)
... with a partly thoughtless if not selfish, attitude (as discussing with a linesman while Lendl was about to serve to save a match point) that could pass for anti-sports behavior, a charge already carried ...
4. Edberg rings the number
(Old articles/Wimbledon)
... sport and one leading sports editor in London chose to use strong words. "A spoilt rich girl," he called Navratilova. That was very cruel. After all, Navratilova had nothing to do with what the linesman ...