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"It is fantastic and I can't believe it. It still hasn't sunk into my system yet" - Stefan Edberg straight after winning his first Wimbledon title. Read the article


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101. Becker and Edberg Reunited to Celebrate 25th Anniversary
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
from Queen's Club website Four-time Stella Artois champion Boris Becker and three-time finalist Stefan Edberg will face each other for the first time since their 1996 final at the Queen's Club to ...
102. Edberg serves up rare reminder of elegant style
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... and world No 1, Edberg would stroll to Queen's Club to practise between tournaments, not exactly unnoticed but never pestered. At 36, Edberg is even more selective about where and when he plays. His ...
103. Edberg-Becker in Stockholm!!!! Oops, forget it, we were joking
(News/Senior exhibitions and tournaments)
... already tasting a remake of the eternal duel between two big protagonists of the '80s and '90s, almost six years after their last meeting in the ATP Tour, on the grass of London's Queen's Club. After ...
104. A class farewell
(Old articles/Mix)
...  Two handed backhand And do you know what Edberg recently had to say evoking that titanic tournament during a lunch at the Queen's Club in London? ┬źFortunately for me, Sampras had a very hard match the ...
from Chicago Tribune.com Boris Becker beat his old nemesis, Stefan Edberg, in two sets Sunday to win the Queen's grass-court tournament in London with the two former Wimbledon champions looking sharp ...
from South China Morning Post Stefan Edberg with his then girlfriend Annette Olsen at the Queen's Club in 1990 (picture by Joanne Cox) There can be no nicer person at the top echelons of sport than ...
107. A gift of backhand
(Old articles/Wimbledon)
... of saying before the final, probably referring to their "head-to-head" record (9-4 for Becker before Wimbledon) and his recent victory against the same opponent in the Queen's Club final, their only meeting ...
108. Edberg rings the number
(Old articles/Wimbledon)
... (who is that?) in the Queen's Club tournament 10 days before the start of Wimbledon. The match left nobody in any doubt as to who the superior grass court player was. While it should be said that Cash ...
109. Post-retirement singles activity
(Uncategorised Content)
... Sweden October 19, 2003 / Surface: Indoor hardcourt ROUND OPPONENT +/- SCORE -- Wilander, Mats (SWE) + 6-7(4) 6-3 6-4 Exhibition - Queen's Club, London, United Kingdom June 15, 2003 / Surface: Grass ...