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"He has a nice tennis, he likes to dictate the game and has a modern style of play. He has a fantastic forehand, unlike me back then" - Stefan Edberg about his son Christopher's tennis. Read the interview


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61. The Växjö tennis hall is open!
(News/General news)
from Södra.com Stefan Edberg with Carl-Axel Hageskog and Magnus Larsson The Södra Climate Arena is the world's first tennis hall made of timber that meets the requirements to be called a passive building; ...
62. Ready Play
(Web Links / Links on Stefan Edberg)
Official website of the company owned by Stefan Edberg, Magnus Larsson and Carl-Axel Hageskog to manage the Södra Climate Arena in Växjö. Also have a look at the English version --> http://www.readyplaytennis.com ...