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"I have many fond memories of my tennis career. Everything from winning Kalle Anka Cup when I was eleven years old to my first ATP victory and my first Wimbledon win" - Stefan Edberg on his career accomplishments. Read the interview


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1. Thomas Meyer's list
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457 Edberg matches in DVD you can purchase or trade/swap with other videos you own by using our contact form and selecting the "Buy videos" option in the drop-down menu. In the message, indicate the name ...
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The final points of the show match between Stefan Edberg and Goran Ivanisevic in Stuttgart last April 22nd, the event that inaugurated the Porsche Tennis WTA tournament. Thanks to Thomas Meyer for capturing ...
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Highlights from German Tv of the Champions Trophy in Halle, the mixed doubles exhibition with Stefan Edberg, Anastasia Myskina, Michael Stich and Martina Navratilova introducing the 2012 Gerry Weber Open. ...