The perfect gentleman - by Matas -

by Matas

The very first time I saw this man playing was in Wimbledon 90 final against Becker. Stefan won that match but I didn't pay much attention to him. But then, a couple of years later I found myself mad about the kind of tennis this Swedish used to play. I am talking about the tennis lesson he gave to Jim Courier in one of his two US Opens.

No other player has ever, and will never, show that elegance, style, class, commitment and especially talent Stefan showed all over his outstanding career. Maybe Sampras showed a little bit of this, but similar, never like Stefan. He's been a true role model for everybody, even for his colleagues.

I still watch a lot of tennis on TV, but since Stefan retired, it hasn't been the same. I like many of the new players but nobody as much as Stefan, and this must be because our hero is unique, there would never be another like him for sure.

And I am not surprised at all to know that there is an award in tennis with his name, 'cause he's been the perfect gentleman of tennis courts.

The perfect gentleman - by Matas -