What a comedy, Jimmy

An article from: La Repubblica
by Gianni Clerici

OPEN USA. Connors beat the Sleeping Beauty Edberg, with a match full of swears

NEW YORK. (...) I came back to the soundless journalists' cell, to assist an incredible story. After winning the first set 6-2, Connors missed an easy forehand, and suggested the innocent ball to "go to hell".

The umpire Ings heard him, and immediately gave him a warning for hearable obscenity. More and more furious, Jimmy committed a double fault, missed another point, lost the game, and literally rushed against the umpire, arguing that maybe his exclamation was obscene, but not hearable. "To be hearable, it must sound like this!" Jimmy screamed at the top of his lung, as the impassible Ings noted down, and punished him with the loss of a point.

I sincerely feared that Jimmy would bite the umpire's defenseless calf. He danced around him urging him to the strangest sexual perversions, and after the coming of supervisor Ken Farrar, he saw himself punished with the loss of a game. Jimmy miraculously managed to avoid the forth penalty that would cost him the match.

He restarted the match firing the ball here and there, gave the astonished Edberg three balls for a 3-0 lead. But Stefan was too reckless to take advantage of that moment, and get back in the match. While Connors calmed down, Edberg kept to play the part of the Sleeping Beauty, missed all that he could miss and even what he couldn't.

Too happy of seeing their hero win again, the crowd saved that shameful Edberg from tomatoes and rotten eggs. "My Jimmy, I hadn't seen you so fit for years", Patti Connors would whisper nightly, hugging her old scamp.

What a comedy, Jimmy