For a day Becker is enough

An article from: La Repubblica
by Emanuela Audisio

Germany levels up 1-1 after the first two matches.

Three hours to stop the escaping Sweden. Wilander beat Westphal (6-3, 6-4, 10-8) then Edberg resisted four sets to the superlative German (6-3, 3-6, 7-5, 8-6).

MUNICH. (...) The match between Becker and Edberg was like an intercontinental phone call with no dialogue, in which two scream without listening to what the other says.

So much that Becker, in the first game of the third set, to catch up from a double fault, scored an ace with the second serve, not the easiest thing to do. But maybe, on a very fast carpet and with two players full of energy, it couldn't have been a different story. So, it was clear from the start that it was going to be a long Russian roulette: one shot for me, one for you, and we'll see who survives.

Survived Becker who entered the court with legs and face already red for the long training and has immediately been the partner for the orgasm that Germans were waiting for. But to taste the success, they had to wait more than three hours.

"Ask me anything, but not to get excited - said Edberg on the match's eve - in the end Becker has been a little overestimated". Put under an incredible fire by a more and more possessed Becker who tore the balls as banana-peels and made almost bleed the carpet (5 aces, 3 double faults), Edberg ended to lose the first set 6-3, unable to organize a reaction.

We had to wait for the second set to see the Swede regain strength: he gave up forcing his serve, made it slower, thinking that Becker, deprived of a support to discharge his power, would be ill at ease. And the tactic was right.

Edberg less powerful, but more precise, became more feline, more able in crossing, touched the balls more softly, almost as an old maid caressing her cat. He rediscovered the taste of deep passing shots and volleys, broke Becker and gave him back the 6-3.

On the score of 2 games all in the third set the game warmed up, but the match remained a matter of pure violence with the players hurting each other. Becker on 6-5 missed three set points always returning out, but made things right every time with big forehands down the line that almost left the bruises.

Then Edberg missed two volleys and gave him the third set. When people believed Edberg was over, he still had something inside instead and started the fourth set with an ace on the second serve on a break-point, then exalted himself with a backhand half-volley, with the ball bouncing just beside the net, a McEnroe-like shot.

But this time it was Becker to react and with 13 straight points he went in front again. He wasted a match-point on 5-3, he would have two more, before taking the third with an angry backhand passing.

Just a note on the match Wilander won against Westphal, struggling more than expected. "I couldn't do better on such a fast surface" the Swede apologized. His winning points were once again regularity and some lobs his opponent could only admire, his eyes half open, while they went over him.

1-1 after the first day and today there's the doubles. Becker-Maurer against Wilander-Nystroem. With Becker serving this way a match much more open than what we could expect.

For a day Becker is enough