This time Edberg doesn't pair

An article from: La Repubblica

THE DAVIS FINAL IN MELBOURNE. 2-1 for Australia after the second day; Jarryd, practically forced to play alone due to the inconsistence of his team mate, apologize: "They put too much pressure on us and we never managed to play at our level"

Cash is on fire on grass and Sweden loses the doubles

MELBOURNE. A man alone on top. His name is Pat Cash, 21 years old. In the first match he put his spell on Edberg; in the doubles, he's been the best.

On the other side, an Edberg still shocked for his own fault. Result: Australia 2, Sweden 1.

The Davis final has been decided in the last two singles, but has had only one protagonist anyway. "Nothing can charge me as much as a Davis match" said Cash.

On the other side, they realized it. Jarryd said, after the doubles: "We never managed to play at our level. They put too much pressure on us". Their level is not low: Edberg and Jarryd had just won the doubles Masters, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

But yesterday in Kooyong they've been in the match for just one set, the third, when the Australian were a little down. Fitzgerald helped Cash: good presence at the net, some lobs. Edberg didn't help Jarryd: nine double faults (he had done sixteen in the singles match), too much fear, too many errors.

Jarryd managed to keep the match alive alone for three sets, then he gave up as well. Cash and Fitzgerald (who only lost once in the Davis together) broke Jarryd, in the fifth game of the first set: 6-3 in 24 minutes. It's been Jarryd again to lose the decisive serve in the second set, even though he was keeping playing better than an upset Edberg.

The Australian closed 6-4 in 40 minutes. On 4-4, in the third set, the Swedes saved three break-points on Edberg's serve. That could have already been the turn. "Yes, we could have won in three sets" said Neal Fraser, Australian team coach.

Instead, immediately after, Fitzgerald lost his serve: 6-4 for the Swedes. Ten minutes of break didn't change the match, though. Nay, the match was already over. A double fault from Edberg, first break: then Jarryd lost his serve; then Edberg again, with another double fault. 6-1.

And 2-1 for Australia, before the last two singles. Two hours eleven minutes for a maybe decisive match. That roused the enthusiasm of the eleven thousand spectators of the Kooyong Stadium in Melbourne.

Cash against Pernfors, Edberg against McNamee. Before the final, Frase would sign for a 2-1 before these two singles. Not so the Swede Olsson. And immediately after the doubles match, he started regretting Wilander, even if it seems incredible that a nation with seven players in the top twenty-two should worry to lose one against a team whose best is number 24...

AUSTRALIA-SWEDEN 2-1: Cash-Fitzgerald b. Edberg-Jarryd 6-3, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1.

This time Edberg doesn't pair