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Exhibition - Heilbronn
Exhibition - Heilbronn
21.06.2008 - 21.06.2008
Tennis-Center Talheim - Heilbronn
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Stefan will play at the Heillbronn Open in a special night also featuring Henri Leconte, Carl-Uwe Steeb and Goran Ivanisevic. The event will be held on the 21st of January. Read the translations of two articles.

Stefan Edberg is coming to Heilbronn Open in January

from Onlineportal
by Marc Schmerbeck
translated into English by Markus Zacharski

Heilbronn Open is having an impressive career. It started as a little Invitation Tournament 25 years ago and has now won the award as best indoor challenger tournament of the world already 4 times.

Uli Eimüllner came up with something special for the 25th birthday of his tournament from January 20th to 27th 2008. The tournament director wants to present an exhibition match to the spectators on Monday. He already got the first acceptance which even former DavisCup champion Carl-Uwe Steeb caused big eyes.

The Swede Stefan Edberg announced his participance. "I'm even little jealous", Steeb says who is leading a management agency in Düsseldorf. "I wanted to engage Edberg several times. I hadn't succeeded."

Eimüllner could win the Swede over with the help of Intersport, the name sponsor of the tournament. "He doesn't do those things because of money", Klaus Jost tells, executive of Intersport Germany with registered office in the "Böllinger Höfe" in Heilbronn.

"He's coming when it makes sense." Thus, he explained the thing to Edberg who agreed. For even an exhibition match is not a question of money. Eimüllner simply wants to celebrate the anniversary and to offer a special feature to the true spectators.

Ivanisevic and Leconte are coming as well
translated into English by Markus Zacharski

Roger Federer has just been speaking after his victory at the Masters final in Shanghai, and now he's in the conference room of Kreissparkasse Heilbronn: "Heilbronn Open is a great tournament", the world's best tennis player said yesterday, "I wish the tournament all the best for the next 25 years and hope that they continue doing a great job."

The press conference in the run-up to the 25th "Intersport Heilbronn Open powered by FPT" had begun with a blowoff, even when Federer didn't speak to tournament director Uli Eimüllner and his team incarnately but the words found their way via a video. Of course, the anniversary tournament from January, 20th to 27th will be a special one, and that is why there will be a Champions Night on January, 21st at "Rauher Stich" in Talheim.

The stars of this special evening are Daviscup winner Stefan Edberg (Sweden), Carl-Uwe Steeb (Mögglingen), Henri Leconte (France) and Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia). They will provide good tennis, good entertainment and a special atmosphere.

"Actually, it was easier than expected to win the four champions for the evening", Uli Emüllner said not without proud "because they know our tournament and it has a high value among the players. Spectators can attend for 55 Euros (including 10 Euros meal voucher).


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