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Scandic Challenge
Scandic Challenge
15.12.2005 - 15.12.2005
Göteborgs Lawn-Tennisklubb - Gothenburg
Tournaments and exhibitions


Translated into English by Markus Zacharski

Thursday, December 15th, there will be high class tennis at GLTK in Gothenburg. The old heroes Stefan Edberg, Anders Järryd, Magnus Larsson and Mats Wilander compete together with today's stars Simon Aspelin, Jonas Björkman, Thomas Enqvist and Thomas Johansson in a charity gala.

The TV-shown exhibition tournament makes the final on two eventful days in Gothenburg where every profit goes to investments into Swedish youth tennis. The match has a long tradition and takes place the 11th time this year. The coaches require revenge after two smarting losses in a row.

At 1 pm on Wednesday the final is opened by Investor Cup (former Julia Cup) between Skåne and Sörmland. Investor Cup is a district tournament for the country's best 12-year-olds. The competition is played according to Fed Cup model with two single matches and a double.

Later on Wednesday this year's tennis gala takes place in Scandig Opalen. This year's tennis Swede, tennis sponsor, media prize and homage will be handed out. A lot of today's and yesterday's Swedish tennis elite will be present.

On Thursday evening the big charity gala Scandic Challenge Trophy takes place. At Scandic Challenge Trophy short matches are played where each player plays any other in two pools. Edberg, Järryd, Larsson and Wilander play in one pool, Aspelin, Björkman, Enqvist and Johansson play against each other in the second one. In the final the two group winners play against each other in a match tie break first up to 10 points where the non-active player has the right to take out a certain number of handicap balls if desired.

Scandic Challenge Trophy is unique with regard to the fact that active and non-active world players play against each other in the same tournament. Many say that Stefan Edberg and Magnus Larsson are still keeping a very high standard and under Scandic Challenge Trophy one will see if this rumour is true. Many eyes will be directed towards Anders Järryd who claimed that he very well can think about playing some number of ATP double tournaments in 2006.

At the evening also some other acitivities will take place. Spectators will make shooting star Sofia Arvidsson's acquaintance and a number of surprises are awaiting.

Not less than 23 top 100 players, of which ten were top 10 players and two world's number ones, are guests in Gothenburg in order to participate in Scandic Challenge in any form. Altogether the illustrious society collected 5074 match wins on ATP/WTA tour only in the singles!

Scandic Challenge Trophy is broadcasted live by Sport-Expressen.


Göteborgs Lawn-Tennisklubb
Göteborgs Lawn-Tennisklubb
Töpelsgatan 7
416 55
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