Stefan Edberg newsletter from - Issue n. 76

30th Oct., 2014   

 SPECIAL: The ironic side of the Fedberg partnership
After two titles won in Shanghai and Basel, Roger Federer has come just 490 points short of Novak Djokovic in the 2014 Race to N.1.
Even the most skeptical admit now that the Swiss' partnership with Stefan Edberg is successful. So we created these 10 funny images to celebrate it, after the doubts that many had at the start.

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 NEWS: A blockbuster book for Swedish tennis fans

"När vi var bäst" ("When we were the best") is a 276 page interview with Borg, Wilander and Edberg about the golden age of Swedish tennis. In bookstores in Sweden since October.
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 NEWS: Stefan Edberg to present Australian Open trophy

In the year of the 30th anniversary since his first Australian Open title, Stefan Edberg has been invited by the Australian Tennis Federation to present the trophy at the first Grand Slam event of 2015.
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 VIDEO: Ball boy Federer awarded after Edberg-Stich final

Roger Federer first met Stefan Edberg right in Basel... in 1993. After the final of that year between Stefan and Michael Stich, Roger received a medal from the hands of the German at the end of the trophy ceremony.
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SOCIAL: Create our Facebook page new cover image!

Would you like to be the author of our Stefan Edberg Facebook page new cover image? In this post you will find info on how to do it. Your image will be the header of our page for 2 months!
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 CLIPPING: I ♥ France, Stefan Edberg from the Côte d'Azur

In 1990, Stefan Edberg purchased an apartment on the French Riviera. In this conversation with Dominique Bonnot he talked about his love for France and his number 1 goal.
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 HOT SHOT: Basel 1993 - Stefan Edberg vs Michael Stich

An unbelievable sequence of backhands and lobs gives Stefan Edberg one of the most spectacular points in the 1993 Swiss Indoors final against Michael Stich.
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Download fantastic sound bites, radio interviews and some of the  historical moments in Stefan Edberg's professional tennis career in our audio section!
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Adidas reissued the legendary "Edberg 86" tennis sneakers in a triple version: Strawberries and Cream, OG updated and Wimbledon. Have a look at all the models and vote your favourite one in our poll here»

 SCHEDULE: Next exhibition

No upcoming exhibition, follow our updates to know of Stefan Edberg's next public appearances.

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